Alexis Hargrave

Test Character, as of now. Who knows, she may end up being more than that!


Alexis is my test character for now. I’ll be posting play-by-plays for encounters, combat and otherwise. I will also be adding dialogue and the like, maybe make it interesting to read and fun to write.



Alexis is a tall blond woman, early twenties. Startling blue eyes, a calm but serious face with more angular features. Seen here wearing a dark brown trench coat with a matte black chest plate underneath, strapped with a harness that has a pistol holster hooked to it, straight across the chest. A pair of long guns slung over her back and front, a small pistol caliber one with a suppressor hung in front of her and an automatic rifle across her back. Both firearms have been modified, most obviously there are holographic sights on both weapons, a high power on the rifle and a reflex on her PCC. Wearing relatively average black jeans and ballistic knee pads, along with a pair of combat boots, she’s quite mobile and swaps an amount of protection for ease of movement. Plus, making herself inconspicuous is quite easy, toss a hood on, pull the knee-pads off, tie the trench coat closed and you’re good. She glides as opposed to walking, moving with a fluidity and grace not uncommon among spies and trackers, but quite out of place for a technician. In every sense a “Combat Tech,” she’s usually more focused on her surroundings and situation than her gadgets, and in combat she’s focused and clear.


“Job’s done Vinny,” She groaned as she came slinking in to her superior’s office. “I know how much you like the formalities, but in this case I’m exhausted and would like very much to skip them and cut to the part of our conversation where you pay me.”

The man grinned from ear to ear, either at the job being done, or the appearance of his top operative. “Ah Allie, I was wondering when you might come on in. Yeah, I’ll count up your money; meanwhile, tell me how it went.” He bent over in his seat and came back up with an envelope in his hand. Gingerly he opened it and dumped it’s contents on his desk, scooping the paper bills up and quickly fingering through them.

“How do you think it went? Your man inside botched it. You told him to buy me time, right? Idiot pulled the fire alarm. ON THE SAME FLOOR. Security staff came running, Emergency Response was all over my exit too. So inevitably, I had to start shooting.”

Vinny nodded slightly and grunted while focusing on the money in his hands. “How many?” He asked in a low tone, as he continued counting.

“Exactly six confirmed casualties. I don’t think they know it was us, I was using cheap street-quality ammunition and a reproduction weapon, but they might’ve had time to scan my drone, hard to tell. No, I didn’t kill any civilians in the crossfire, and didn’t injure anyone I didn’t kill.”

Vinny nodded again, as he finished counting the last of the large stack of bills. “Here kid, five grand.” He extended his open hand toward her with the money resting in his palm.
“Five grand? You’re not gonna take the two K off the top for ’Excessive Force?”
“Nah…” Vinny shook his head and smiled. “This was.. my fault.” He struggled to place the blame on himself verbally, and it showed. “You’re sure you don’t want to…” She trailed off as she looked him up and down. “You know what, thanks. I’ll spend it wisely.” Trepidatiously she took the cash, and absent-mindedly placed it into her backpack as she inspected Vinny carefully. He was obviously uncomfortable, most likely due to the risk he inadvertently placed his best operative within, though he was faking his usual cheerful face. Being able to read someone like Vinny is not necessarily a good thing; it means either you’ve become incredibly good at seeing through people, or they are fooling you, and you’re falling right for it.

“Listen-” Vinny broke the awkward silence – “I have your next operation all set up. I know you could use some R&R, but we’ve lost a few operatives just this week, and we need you on duty right now. There are some illegal gene splicers down near the Harbor, And we need you to clear them out.” Alexis winced visibly. “Vinny, you know how I feel about Splicers!”
“I do, I do. However it was either clear out the small group of Splicers for two thousand, or go help AMI with their terrorist problem for three thousand. I assumed which one you would prefer, but if you’d rather go on a search and destroy mission in the Red Zone…” Alexis groaned audibly, but she knew Vinny had picked the right operation for her. Not that handlers like Vinny care in a personal way, but they try their best to keep their top operatives’ morale up as high as possible. “Fine, I’ll do it.” She said flatly, " What are my rules of engagement?" Vinny opened his laptop – an old relic compared to what Alexis worked with daily, but Vinny preferred it to it’s higher tech counterparts. “Lemme see here… Okay, so you are cleared for lethal force. They’ve already killed two LEO’s and we don’t want any more casualties. Go in guns blazing, or all sneaky-like, doesn’t make a difference as long as they’re all dead by the time you walk in my door.” Alexis stood contemplating, hatching a plan of action in her head. She knew enough about the city that she could sneak into the Harbor easily, but it might be more time-efficient to just kick in the proverbial door and start shooting, since the Splicers shouldn’t exactly prove a threat.
“Am I allowed an assigned budget for this or are we still working with skeleton funds?” She asked curiously. “Well, we are working on skeleton funds still, but I could offer you five hundred up front so you could purchase a few things?”
Alexis shook her head, knowing full well she’d spend hours doing paperwork if she took him up on his offer. “No, I don’t think I need it. Are there reports of civilians in the area, or has Law Enforcement blocked the area off?” “Nah, sorry kid.” Vinny said, furrowing his brow. “They couldn’t seal off the area, or else risk trapping any civilians inside. You know how they are about hostage situations.” Alexis groaned loudly, for the third time this meeting. “Fine, fine. Do we know if there ARE any civilians on the premises? I’d rather not risk taking a bystander’s head off because they got trapped in a firefight. And yes, in case you hadn’t picked up on it I WAS asking if we had a satellite or scout drone feed on the area.”
“Nah kid,” Vinny replied harshly, “We don’t have that luxury. I’ve told you everything we have already, it’s a group of illegal gene splicers who are packing enough heat to take down a two man patrol. We need them dead, so go kill them.” Vinny waved his hands in a shooing motion, indicating to leave his office, and Alexis reluctantly complied.

On her way out of the local GTE office, Alexis tossed a few dollars onto the front desk, and the receptionist pulled out a small brown paper bag and handed it to her. Alexis stepped outside the front door and leaned up against one side of the door to open the paper bag gingerly. Contained inside of it was a ham sandwich, which she quickly consumed whilst inspecting the thermos that was also in the bag. The thermos contained coffee, recently brewed, and very strong. Black, just the way she liked it. Having a friend in the front desk receptionist meant that if she was constantly on the job, at least she could still keep herself fed and refreshed. She made a mental note to swing through a corner store and purchase a water bottle on her way to the Harbor as she chugged the scalding coffee. She would have preferred to sip it, enjoy it a bit since she hasn’t been able to do so in a few weeks, but time was short and so was her patience. She wanted to get this whole business with the Splicers over with as quickly as possible. As she finished off the heavenly contents of the thermos, she tossed it aside and started walking towards the South end of the Green Zone, taking a few shortcuts through alleyways and a few buildings.

(Rolls Perception check: 3 + 2 [FAIL])

(Rolls Knowledge Corporation check: 12+3 [SUCCESS])

While she hadn’t at first noticed how many patrols she’d passed, the strange glances they were shooting around clicked in her head as suspicious, and caused her to realize she had passed around 3 more patrols than she should have at that point on her trip. A little bit of a closer look and it wasn’t hard for her trained eyes to realize they were Corporation security acting as Law Enforcement. Alexis had enough experience with Corporations to realize that they were looking for whoever was responsible for stealing drone plans from one of the local production plants – and she fit the description for the person who ran by a bunch of ERT’s, most likely.
Alexis decided it would be particularly intelligent to stay off the roads and out of the open, try to blend in.

Rolls Stealth check:14+4 [SUCCESS])

In a way she’s practiced many more times that she’d like, Alexis drew up a bandana over her face, placed sunglasses on, and made sure her trench coat was fastened securely. It seemed cliche before she’d used it, but it worked better than one would initially expect. A few turns here and there to keep out of sight, through a crowd gathered around a street vendor here, and a cut through an apartment complex there.

Alexis Hargrave

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